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Nuuly Rental Try Ons with Kendra Claudette

We’re stepping into a new year so I’m on a mission to look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside. Because I don’t want this to become a chore, I outsourced to Nuuly for help. I tried out Nuuly for the month of December and overall I think it’s a great subscription service for people that don’t have the time to devote to shopping and would like to have curated top picks sent directly to their homes on a monthly basis.

Service used:

The Low Down

You pay $88/mth and you receive 6 clothing or accessory items to rent.

I knew I had a few holiday parties to attend this year so I picked a few evening dresses and all were size XS.

They arrived expeditiously, which was ideal, however, I was only able to fit 3 of the 6 dresses, which wasn’t ideal.

The Nuuly Rentals

I really liked this Floral Slinky Midi dress from AFRM. The fabric was soft and comfortable and the dress had a very sexy cut, but it didn’t do it for me. The pattern was nice but I wasn’t sold. This dress retails for $128 and if I wanted to purchase it, it was 16% off and totaled to $107.52.

I really liked this Sequined Embroidered Mini dress from Anthropologie. It retails for $248 and if I wanted to purchase it, it was 18% off, which totals to $203.36. It was super cute and lovely, but I didn’t love it. Side note: If I would have purchased this dress, I would have altered it to make it a tad shorter and to fit more snuggly. Be that as it may, unfortunately, this was a no thank you for me.

Ladies and gentlemen, her!

THIS is the one.

The AFRM Assi Cutout Long Sleeve Midi Dress is the one.

I wore this long one to a Secret Santa Party in NYC earlier in December and it was a hit! I loved the way it felt and flowed. The fabric was the same as the other ARFM dress I tried on but I really liked the pattern on the fabric of this one. Since it was coldddd I wore the Chateau parka in Italian stadium-cloth wool from J.Crew and dressed it up with Steve Madden Lolita Leather Black Suede Wooden Platform Heels. Such a vibe.

I loved the way this one looked on me and it was the most flattering. I ended up purchasing the AFRM Assi Cutout Long Sleeve Midi Dress for $90.10. The Nuuly site says the dress retails for $140 and it was on sale at the time of purchase for 21% off, which totaled to $110.10. I had a $20 discount code and I used it so my purchase totaled to $90.10. Loved it and I can’t wait to wear it again and again!

The Verdict

When I think about it. I ended up paying in total $178.10 for the 1 dress and the monthly service. I don’t think it is worth it when the dress is on sale at Nordstrom for $83.20 which is cheaper than I paid for it with the discount! But don’t get me wrong, I think this is a really great service, but it’s just not going to work for me because I don’t want to pay extra for something I’m not using. I get that you’re paying for the service, but be that as it may, I don’t think this is for me so I’ll be looking for other options.

In the meantime, I’ve paused the service for 3 months while I consider my options. The best part about pausing and not canceling is that should I change my mind I can start the subscription service again immediately.

Do you use Nuuly or another fashion delivery service? Do you like it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’m curious and still on the hunt for fashion that is effortless and sustainable.