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About Me

Who Is Kendra?


I’m the founder of The Kendra Studio and a digital growth strategist passionate about teaching everyday entrepreneurs how to increase their income and monetize their life!

Here’s the Whole Story

I Grew up in a small town and knew I wanted to Own my own business!

My mom was a single-parent of two small girls and she refused to let our circumstances limit our opportunities.

Through my mother I learned the value of hard work on the road to lifelong success.

I knew that I needed to solve how to create wealth for females so that they can improve their lives as well as their families. 



Fast forward a few years.

At just 27 years old, I’d already been a top-performing executive and was managing multibillion-dollar business relationships for my organization.

I thought I had it all: a great salary, a great home, great schools, amazing vacations…

But something didn’t feel right. I wasn’t completely happy.  I wasn’t feeling it in my soul.

I was sick of waiting for opportunities to come my way, for someone to call me, or something to happen to me. So I went out on a limb started my side hustle.

The beginining

I Made A Change


I quit my comfortable corporate job to travel and become a content creator, only to find myself making minimum wage as a yoga instructor shortly thereafter. #nevergiveup

I was teaching yoga and posting on IG by day, and waiting on tables by night.  #whathaveidone

Nevertheless, I persisted. After months of figurative and literal grinding, my business began to take off.

Clients and partner began to seek me out, my offers sold and I was on helping thousands of business owners.

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